Wednesday Clicks

Update: Maxis in Malaysia has finally released their iPhone 3G plans but the pricing is just ultimately plain ridiculous. Note that the plans in the site ( does not include the 3G plan!

This week begins another busy week and I do really hope that I can find the time to post process photos. I definitely need to be more disciplined! Anyway here is a thought, its Wednesday and I have not forgotten my weekly Wednesday Clicks!

  • After having been in the UK for 3 years, I sort of growned accustomed to their usual ritual of having sandwiches for lunch. The sad thing about Malaysia is that, we aren’t really much into the sandwich scene hence even the Subway sandwiches here are a tad boring. Don’t even get me started on O’Briens. Anyway, I found this site which scans sandwiches, yes, SCANS sandwiches. If you feel that you want to be hungry, head over to now.
  • Do men and women photographers take different photos? Well, I do shoot with women photographers and have shot with them. Personally in my experience, I would have to definitely say a huge YES! But do check out this article instead.
  • Disasters with Photoshop? Look no further, check out this blog.
  • Microsoft, the ever famous software giant has decided to manufacture laptop cooling pads?

Alright thats all for this week. The more I look at those scanwiches, the hungrier I get and I definitely need to sleep! Goodnight everyone!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Clicks”

  1. I find O'Briens the best of the bunch, at least they have some variety.

    I wish Subway here had real pork ham though 🙂

    And yes I think women take different pictures from guys, they tend to have naturally better composition and creativity where as guys tend to be technically better but their pictures can be a bit 'stale'.

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