Overdue Wednesday Clicks

I am completely late for this week’s Wednesday Clicks so do forgive me. It has been a hectic couple of days of fun and laughter and catching up with friends. I have two sets of wedding photos to blog about and that should come pretty soon. In the mean time, here are this week’s Wednesday Clicks.

This is it for this week’s weekly links. Next up, an actual post with more photos!

4 thoughts on “Overdue Wednesday Clicks”

  1. Yeah I would love to run 64-bit but that means spending more on Windows which I am so reluctant to spend. Love playing with the 64-bit version of Lightroom on my Mac though hehe

  2. RAMs are quite freely available now, just head over to Lowyat and ask them for Mac RAMs and they will suggest to you a lot of brands. You can try out Kingston or Corsair 🙂

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