First look: Golf GTI Mk7

I just came back from viewing the pre-launch of the Golf GTI Mk7 at Veemer Old Klang Road. Heading there expecting to see the new car, frankly I was rather sceptical. One, was that I didn’t really like the rear design of the Golf Mk7 models. That meant the TSI, GTI and the upcoming Golf…… Continue reading First look: Golf GTI Mk7

Cameron Highlands

A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of us from the Volkswagen Malaysia Club embarked on a weekend holiday at Cameron Highlands. We managed to book a bungalow at Tanah Rata which was located very close to the bus station. In total there were about 30 of us but not all of us squeezed into…… Continue reading Cameron Highlands

Second Attempt at Shooting some Volkswagen Golfs

Back in May this year, I attempted my first night shoot on the Volkswagen Golf. Only recently did I attempt my second shoot. This time it was done within 45 minutes and the location was extremely impromptu. Let’s just say that I was driving back from Putrajaya and I made a detour towards an industrial…… Continue reading Second Attempt at Shooting some Volkswagen Golfs

Photographing Volkswagen Cars Part 2

Here is the continuation of photos that I took during the previous shoot which I organised with the Volkswagen Malaysia Club members. More photos are also available in my previous post. The funny thing about the image below was that while I was busy snapping away, a couple of “mat rempits” decided to join in…… Continue reading Photographing Volkswagen Cars Part 2

Photographing Volkswagen Cars

It was a bright sunny day when a group of VW enthusiasts all decided to meet up at Putrajaya on a Sunday morning. Well, we didn’t really all decided together but more towards an opportunity for me to be able to photograph some VW cars, talk to some of the other members and get to…… Continue reading Photographing Volkswagen Cars