Photographing Volkswagen Cars Part 2

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 with a Rieger bodykit

Here is the continuation of photos that I took during the previous shoot which I organised with the Volkswagen Malaysia Club members. More photos are also available in my previous post.

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 with a Rieger bodykit

The funny thing about the image below was that while I was busy snapping away, a couple of “mat rempits” decided to join in on the fun and I was pleasantly surprised that one of my frames managed to capture him in “action”.

Mysterious Trio

So can you guess the differences between the 3 cars above? Let’s see if you can guess which of the models are on displayed in the image above. I will buy whoever (excluding those who attended the shoot) a “teh ais”  if they manage to guess them correctly and comments on it in the comment section below.

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 with a Rieger Bodykit
Comfort, Normal and Sports mode!

According to the owners of the cars above, they all agreed that the left one is on comfort mode, the middle one on normal mode and the white one on sports mode.

I definitely can’t wait to plan for another shoot and this time to spend a little bit more time on a single car.

By markleo

A guy living in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur running through life


  1. if i am not mistaken it is..from left to right..
    golf gti SE…polo gti…n a golf tsi with a gti body kits…n i know who the owner is…lol

      1. hahaha..when i see you one of this days during the TT session..i will get that teh ais from u

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