Check out the VW Beetle’s Superbowl Advertisement

Updated with the full commercial Now who says advertisements have to be super long and have a lot of dialogue. As short as it is, it does keep me wanting to know more. Can’t wait to see the new upcoming Beetle. Thanks to my friend who yearns to be the dictator of China, here…… Continue reading Check out the VW Beetle’s Superbowl Advertisement

Review: Sierra Glow Car Treatment

Now I have never owned a white car before and one of my biggest worry that I have is to see it turn mellow! Hence resulting in me scouring through the interweb to fine out ways to keep the car shiny and clean and nice. Initially I was introduced to various methods of waxing and…… Continue reading Review: Sierra Glow Car Treatment

RCD 510 – A Quick Review

Well this post is completely unrelated to photography but recently I managed to get a good look at various car mods around and found this particularly interesting for those of you who drive a Volkswagen car (namely the Polo, Golf, Scirocco, Jetta and Passat). Of course, this mod falls under the category of “In Car Entertainment”…… Continue reading RCD 510 – A Quick Review

Review – Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI

Last updated: 21st September 2011 – New map update from APR, results are looking good! (Image source: After all the hype about me posting up on the Golf on both my blog as well as on Facebook, Wearnes VW saw my post on their fan page and informed me on Friday (September 2010) that the…… Continue reading Review – Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI