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Top 5 delicacies I didn’t know Selangor had

I admit that after living in Selangor for more than 20 years I never knew that these are some of its top 5 delicacies. I have seen them about but its tough being able to match a name to an item. Being the gateway and the centre of Malaysia, Selangor has an impossible number of […]

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Apple’s latest 13-inch Macbook Pro starts from RM8,000

Ok, technically the Macbook Pro 13″ starts from RM7,999 and before you start complaining that I got the facts wrong and that the Macbook Pro 13″ MBP-13) starts at RM5,599, do note that the two lower variants still sport the older 8th generation Intel processors (but get the newer Magic Keyboard). So yes, the latest […]

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Online Conferencing Tips

Thanks to the recent movement control order, here are some of the tips I have found to be useful when working from home and most of your interaction with your colleagues are limited to calls and video conferences. I am not going to cover the environment or what you should wear but I am coming […]

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First ride on the Specialized Turbo Levo SL in Malaysia

Over the course of the week, I was truly blessed to be able to try out the new Specialized Turbo Levo SL. On my birthday, I wrote about what the bike meant to me after hearing about it on the news. The Specialized Turbo Levo SL is an electric mountain bike (eMTB), one that has […]

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Sierra Glow Part Deux – Blue Flame Review

Updated: 26th October 2013 – Found some photos of the session As I start to write this post, I am kind of sad that I lost a fair bit of my photos and videos that I took when they were applying the Sierra Glow treatment on the car. Thanks to my curiosity at the time […]