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Try living in a village after being cooped up at home in Selangor

So you are getting bored being cooped up at home with screaming kids and you are completely tapped out of activities to fill their time with. With the borders recently open, we would expect everyone travelling to other states but how about looking within Selangor. Having a vacation with your family at homestays in Selangor […]


Travels: Gili Trawangan

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to travel to the Gili Islands off Lombok Island. Yes, that is in Indonesia indeed. If you are trying to figure out where in the world I meant, Gili is east of Bali island. Getting there was a long affair. We first departed from KLIA2 via […]

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Travels: Jakarta

I don’t usually travel a lot for work but this time around I was given the opportunity to go to Jakarta for a launch event and it was my first time there. Although it was only for two nights, being there in Jakarta opened up my eyes to not only how bustling the city was […]

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Back in Chicago Again

Yes, after my first experience travelling to Chicago back in 2009, I was back there again but this time for only a week and most of the time I was located at the Q Center. This time travelling there was a little bit more pleasant but I had to take a horrendously long route. Kuala […]

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Greetings from Bangladesh!

It’s currently day two now here at Bangladesh and although I really wanted to write a blog post whilst I was in the airport yesterday, the internet connection at LCCT was horrendous. Anyway its the same here in Bangladesh as well, I hardly get any internet connection so it will be brief posts and updates. […]