Greetings from Bangladesh!

It’s currently day two now here at Bangladesh and although I really wanted to write a blog post whilst I was in the airport yesterday, the internet connection at LCCT was horrendous. Anyway its the same here in Bangladesh as well, I hardly get any internet connection so it will be brief posts and updates.…… Continue reading Greetings from Bangladesh!

Wedding: Eric & Chew Yong

I recently shot Eric and Chew Yong’s wedding and usually most of the time when I shoot weddings, it would be under the Stories.My banner hence most of the images are posted there. This time, I thought I would also add them here on my blog. Here are some of my shots from the wedding.…… Continue reading Wedding: Eric & Chew Yong

Albert & Serina

I shot Albert and Serina’s wedding together with Grace as the second photographer a month ago under the banner of Integricity Visuals. It was my first wedding I shot after Louis’ workshop in Penang and also after the recent Charge Up conference. Raring to try something new, although it was only a wedding dinner, I…… Continue reading Albert & Serina