I took the plunge

From my last post, you would have guessed that I attended another workshop. This time the workshop was free. But to be completely honest, it wasn’t a workshop. It was a talk by Zung of The Photoz. When I say it was a talk, I could be wrong in some areas whereby there were some sharing but mainly most of the time, he showed his collection of his work.

Some comments I have heard about Zung from some of my friends was that his work was good but not extraordinary. Other comments were favourable on the other hand, with people complementing his style and his artistic talents.

Well back to the workshop cum talk cum slideshow viewing session. The event started late because everyone was stuck in the huge traffic jam from KL thanks to heavy rain. I had a tough time travelling straight from work, the Elite highway was pretty congested as well.

It was pretty pleasant to sit in front (being a little kiasu that night) as compared to the other workshop with Ulf Recher and I couldn’t even see much at the front. Zung, came in a little late but he recognized me as I met him and introduced myself during David’s wedding in Penang a couple weeks back.

Anyhow, how this relates to the title was that in the course of the workshop cum talk cum slideshow viewing session, there was a workshop being offered. A proper proper workshop which costs a bomb and it lasts for 6 weeks and includes two on-site photoshoots. I knew that if I did take it up it will definitely be a large investment for me but I guess that I would rather spend the money on the workshop than get myself a lens.

What made me take the plunge was that I saw some of his previous student’s work and they were quite good and interesting.

Check them out here.

All of these photos belong to one of Zung’s student. You can check out his website here.

In preparation for a wedding I got to shoot on the 14th-16th of December, lets see how much I can motivate and hone my skills in time for that shoot.

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