I have been poisoned

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of being poisoned by someone who owned the legendary (well, I consider that legendary to my own standards) Nikon D3. If you must know, the Nikon D3 is a hell of a camera and its hefty price tag (RM15,000 for just the body alone) turn a lot of people away.

Image source: Dpreview.com 

Anyway back to my poisoning story, yes, the camera is an incredible feat of engineering and I was so blown away by its weight and the quality of it’s images. I was busy shooting at ISO 3200 and it looks just as clean as my D200 shooting at ISO 400-500.Perhaps, if I stop spending my money on soft drinks, snacks, McDonalds and KFC, I should be able to get this baby in about 3-4 years time.

For those of you who want more info about the picture quality of the Nikon D3, you can head over here, here and here.

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  1. D3 is not a poison. It is a great camera. Nikon's new releases always come with distinct improvements. You can see the progression from D1X, D2X and to D3.

  2. Louis: Agreed, its not a poison but the urge to want to get it is like poison, knowing that I can't afford it 😛 I think my plan to stay away from McDonalds and perhaps get more jobs shooting events or stuff might help me out 🙂

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