The new Windows Mobile Experience?

A while back I wrote a piece on “Smooth Interfaces” describing a user interface which works with any Windows Mobile 5/6 device which allows you to have a smooth navigation of your usual options and programs. The exciting thing about this was that the interface was so smooth and flawless that it rivals that of the iPhone. Since this application is a freeware and I am sure we are always hoping for more eye candy to appear and better functionality, Sony on the other hand has announced a new experience in the form of Experia.

Well from the image above it looks like any other smartphone but coming into the forray of smartphones and PDA phones, Sony has decided to enter in with a big bang. With much hype from the many many many first looks and reviews, this phone is the next most anticipated item on the mobile market. Why is that? Look at the video below and it should answer your queries.


Now, doesn’t that interface look sweet? I just pray that it doesn’t crash as much as it would be. With all of these newer front end applications replacing the standard Windows Mobile UI, I hope Microsoft might just take a wee bit more time concentrating on aspects like this. But I guess since WM has already sold 14.3 million worldwide, Microsoft would probably be busy trying to relaunch their bid again on Yahoo.Related links:

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