I better start taking the bus in April

Apparently something is brewing over the horizon in April. My last post mentioned that I had a busy April coming about but I have this nagging feeling that something fishy and familiar is looming. What could it just be?

That mask looks so familiar to me, I wonder who used to wear it. Perhaps if I asked this guy if he knew what was going on.

Or maybe this guy might know something.

Wingman? Whose wingman is he? How can you go about picking girls up with that hairy suit? Well I guess with that, it does start a pretty interesting conversation. With that feeling in my head, I guess it would be best to take the bus to work in April. Why do you ask? This is why.

Image source: Gizmodo

Thats right, in case of emergencies, please break glass and arm yourself with a lightsaber. Still not convinced? Perhaps this would change your mind somewhat.

Image source: AmNY

Now I better run and hide from them Siths.

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