How to prevent being infertile

How many of you out there have been using your laptops on your laps while working? Well frankly, I have been using that method often and back in my uni days, I used it to keep myself warm during winter and played championship manager with my laptop on my lap.

Little did I know that I was courting disaster! (Heres why and why)

Finally after lots and lots of procastination, I finally bought a laptop cooler. It so happened that I was in Sunway Pyramid the other day having dinner with my colleagues and planning to go bowling after that. It was then that I spied an interesting cooler which was appealing and yet versatile enough to cool my laptops. Well technically, they are not really my laptops, just the ones my company gave me to use (it crashes way too often!).

Image source: Cooler Master Notepal Infinite

Now isn’t that just a thing of beauty? Now that is one way to prevent being infertile in yet such a stylish method!

For those techy people out there, here are some of the features of this notebook cooler.

  • Innovative and optimized airflow structure increases cooling area by 150% and efficiently controls noise level, compared to traditional coolers
  • Metal mesh surface for great cooling performance and stylish design
  • Ultimate thermal solution to cool down your notebook; up to 17 degrees C
  • Adjustable fan speed to accommodate your working environment
  • Ergonomic design for best comfort
  • Special design of the intake at rear side allows convenient usage anywhere, on sofa or in bed, without blocking airflow
  • 4 strips of anti-slip rubbers prevents the notebook from sliding
  • Unique design for easy cable management (hook and slot) at the rear side
  • Accommodates most notebook dimensions and especially for the wide screen

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