Fish Spa @ Footmaster One Utama

As I was walking about in One Utama after a quick dinner of a combined Roti Boy and “mata kuching”, I went in several shops at One Utama learning about the 4C’s. After learning some interesting information about what the 4C’s meant, I chanced upon this shop called Foot Master which offered those “fish spa” where you would dip your feet into a tank of water and let the fishes eat your dead skin away.

Now this isn’t the very first post about this sort of thing and I have read about this in other blogs but I have never experienced it before. So I brought munZ with me into the spa and I was pleasantly surprised that the water in the tank was warm. Before I could even say that the water was warm, a whole school of fish can nibbling at my feet!

MunZ was laughing all the way because she felt so ticklelish but I was actually enjoying it. Being curious as ever, I even dipped my hand in the water to see if they would come and nibble of the dead skins on my hand. The fish took the bait and ate away all my dead skin.

I took some photos and videos on my handphone and would upload them up here in this post when I have the time. To be perfectly honest, my feet felt really refreshed and clean after that session and it was really smooth. Being a typical male guy who doesn’t take care of his feet, this was a real way of getting your feet cleaned.

Not convinced by my post? Well here are other sites which accounts for their experience in the same store at One utama.

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  1. Hi. Master Spas is an American company with American values. They were founded in 1978 when Fort Wayne Pools, a national manufacturer of swimming pools, started manufacturing acrylic spas under the name Down East.

    Thank you.


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