Busy weekend and busy week ahead

Update: I finally managed to add Twitter in here, from the looks of it, my last update was a long while ago!

I had an extremely busy weekend with a full day wedding shoot (photos to be posted up soon) on Saturday from morning till night and then scooting off to Tioman Island on Sunday and finally returning on Monday. Although it might seem that being in Tioman would be relaxing, it was nothing short of that as I had many activities, late nights and of course, watching Liverpool win over the weekend.

Lian Hoy & Ivy’s wedding was awesome as it marked the first of my group of high school friends who had gotten married. It was doubly special for me to be able to capture their special day as well as their main photographer and also receive some positive feedback and comments from the express slideshow which was shown during the dinner event.

Now I will be busy at work trying to chase people up to complete their work during this week as well as prepare for this weekend for another shoot. So many things to do with so little time, I need to really balance work and life now!

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