Weekly Wednesday Clicks

This week’s Wednesday clicks would come a little earlier as I think I might be rushing through the day to complete quite a lot in a very short time. Anyway, there have been some very interesting sites that I managed to troll out from the world wide web so brace yourself and enjoy the links.

On a personal note, I got back from Penang on Monday and I was totally exhausted. I guess the 9 hour drive up on Saturday and the 5 hour drive down on Monday took a huge toll on me but the trip was fun and relaxing. I really didn’t know that prices of food in Penang has gone up, I ended up paying RM8 for “char koay teow” and worse of all, “tau sar pneah” was completely sold out. I got loads of photos to sort through, process and deliver so will be very busy over the next couple of weeks.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday Clicks”

  1. Excellent shot of Penang 🙂 And which char kuay teow you went to? 3 sisters? Then sure kena charge sky high 😛

    Go to others, they are not so expensive and a few of them tastes even better!

    Btw, got IT yet? 😀

  2. Eugene: Yes we were! It took us about a little over an hour to queue to get on the ferry. But I guess it was worth it since I haven't been on the ferry since like forever! 😛

    Ian: What?!?!?! RM16 for a plate of char kuay teow??? Man that would be the bomb…

    Nick: Yeah I went to both the 3 sisters and some other places. 3 sisters were indeed RM8 per plate. Yes, got IT already hahahahahaha.

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