Dennis & Say Wan’s Wedding

Yes, I finally delivered to them their photos and their slideshows. I got loads more to post process and I got loads more to process (even during the Chinese New Year holidays). I will be heading back to Malacca from Sunday till Wednesday. Since I know that I might be quite bored there, I have decided to bring back some photos to post process as well as capture some landscape shots by the beach. Wished that I had a tripod though 😛

Here are some of my favourite shots from Aik Tong and Say Wan’s wedding which I shot together with Ian in December last year.


You can view more photos over here at this post at the Wedding Story‘s blog.

My apologies for the large photo size which doesn’t fit this blog template. Perhaps I should change the template but it would definitely require a lot more work which I don’t have that much time at the moment.

Have a great Chinese New Year everyone! For those of you driving back to your respective hometowns, do have a safe drive back.

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