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I recently learned how to actually take screenshots of my iPhone screen and thanks to that, I can actually post up a post which has been lingering in my mind lately but I just was too darn lazy to actually capture screenies on my phone using my camera!

Anyway before I proceed with the actual post, here is a short tutotial on how to take a screenshot of your iPhone screen. Just click on the two buttons simultaneously as shown on the screenshot below and if your phone is not set to vibrate only, you will hear a shutter click sound (fake shutter of course) and your screen temporarily turning white and fading off.


So thanks to this new trick which I learned (by the way, the image above is definitely not a screenshot!), I happily took some screenshots of my phone.

First one up is the main screen of my phone.

Pretty much everything is standard here except for one application on the bottom right of the screen. To be honest it is not an application but it’s actually a link to Google’s To-Do list which is integrated in Gmail. What it is, is that its an online to-do list. I have always been trying to have a fully integrated to-do list and this seems to be a useful tool which I am currently experimenting.

Next on my iPhone screen would be my list of applications.

The two most commonly used application I use would be Facebook as well as Twitterfon. Totally ignore that myMaxis link there as it is totally USELESS, why? Because it just brings you to their site where you can “subscribe” to more of their “services” only to pay them more money. It is a total WASTE of time.

I like Facebook because I can actually keep up to date with it on the go.

As well as allow me to take photos with my phone and then upload it directly! Here is a picture of a blurry keyboard I tried taking with my phone.

It totally got blurry when I tried to take a snapshop of me taking a shot.

The other application is Twitterfon. I have become a Twitter addict lately hence the obsessive need to read tweets as well as tweet wherever I am.

If you do have a Twitter account, do add me in here.

Now on to the 3rd page on my phone. As you can see below, its mainly my games page with the except of Skype which is a newly added application.

Previously before this, I never had a Skype account so the only person I have on my Skype list is Ian. Do let me know what your Skype accounts are and I will gladly add you in 🙂

p.s. I am way too embarrassed to show my Skype list hahahaha

My favourite games would be Simcity and Bejeweled 2 followed by Hells Kitchen. I am already quite bored with the rest as well but I am still in love with Simcity, my city is still halfway built though but its generating enough cash on its own.

Last but not least, it’s my blog on Safari. I installed an iPhone plugin which automatically transform this blog into an iPhone friendly site. Check it out below.

And here is a shot of an individual post with an image in it.

Anyway, before signing off, I would like to ask the readers a simple question. What is on your iPhone as well? I would definitely love to find out what are some of the cool (and free!) applications about.

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