My auditions for the Discover Smile Zoom Malaysia at 8TV

About a week ago, a good friend of mine decided to hook me and bk up with an audition for this reality tv show hosted by 8TV. I was really wondering what in the world it was about but thank God for this blog post by the tiger dude, it really shed some light for me. Anyway the show was called Discover Smile Zoom Malaysia and it was about discovering Malaysia via a series of challenges and events.


So together with BK, we both headed to Media Prima at Bandar Utama after work. Our appointment was actually at 9.00pm but little did we know that there was a huge crowd, well basically 4 other couples waiting before us. We were oblivious to the fact that we needed to fill in some forms but thanks to me asking about, I found out that we needed to fill in some forms which of course included the usual personal details as well as answer questions such as “Where is your most memorable place in Malaysia”. BK’s answer was Mimaland (did I spell that correctly?)

Another thing that we needed to do was to actually come up with an opening line to introduce the two of us. I would guess that it must have been something that is unique to us and how we were going to introduce ourselves on TV. Heck, this was just an audition.

Thats a picture of BK above, I took this shot of him with my phone because after filling in the form, we had to wait for the other groups of people to complete their auditions. We decided to call ourselves team “Wingman”, mainly because we have been good buddies since we were both 14 years old and we have NEVER EVER been each other’s wingman. Anyway, did I mention that we waited for a while, and by while, I meant 1 hour.

The waiting area wasn’t too boring, we were actually facing the Fly.FM deejays as they were hosting the evening show. Interesting to actually see the deejays hosting live while listening to the delayed broadcast over the air (sounds waves to take time to travel!). BK decided to do stupid things in front of the deejays, such as waving at them while they were recording live.

By the time it was our turn, we were the last to be auditioned and we totally forgot to rehearse what we were going to say and everything had to be spontaneous. To be frank, you should have seen us there. I never had so much fun in front of the camera and just being myself talking and explaining about the answers in our forms as well as answering the questions from the producers Azmi and Bob.

After 30 minutes, me and BK walked away rather happily from the audition and I really felt that we had a shot at this. I guess most of it had to be credited to the shirt I wore for the audition.

I bet it was a hit with the producers!

Alas, after a week, we both had good news and bad news.

The good news is that we made it through! Woohoo!

The bad news was that they wanted us to be in the studio this Saturday but I am scheduled to shoot Warren & Amy’s wedding this Saturday. After another call with Bob, he asked if we could perhaps make it on the 17th of May instead but that was when I am flying off to Chicago. Talk about bad timing 🙁

Anyway, I am left lying in bed now wondering what would the outcome be? Would this ever be my once in a chance shot to be on TV or there might be other chances? I can only leave that up entirely to God. But hey, I get to witness my friends from church get married instead and even play an important part in it. I just can’t wait to capture beautiful photos of the wedding!

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  1. meh. other opportunities will come by, neh? and at least you and bk made it past the first round of auditions, so at least you know you two monkeys have potential on screen. that's someting. XD

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