Off to Langkawi

It is 7am here now in Kuala Lumpur and I am feeling extremely sleepy. Getting up at 5am is something I don’t do too often, of course sleeping at 5am doesn’t count. So the title probably gave me away. Here I am sitting at the newly refurbished Taste of Asia restaurant at the LCCT airport surfing the web (using my Maxis 3G line because the wi-fi here is near impossible to connect to!) whilst waiting for my flight at 7.30 together with the WeddingStory team.

The team is flying up to Langkawi to shoot a wedding later today as well as spend a little time to have a nice R&R. Personally, I do hope to catch up on my sleep as I have been having less than 5 hours of sleep for the past two nights. More photos to come of the trip as well as I have planned quite a number of posts to post up some of my photos as well.

Langkawi here I come!

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