After thoughts

My day always begin with me getting ready for work (on weekdays of course) followed by my ever none changing routine of driving 50 kilometers to Cyberjaya. The drive might be boring to some but I have gotten used to the long drive (albeit not as long as those who get stuck in KL traffic!). During this long drive, one can either be completely immersed with the musings of the morning crews of various radio stations. Other forms of entertainment could be listening to CD’s, iPod’s or even counting the cars that over take you on the ELITE highway.

Yes, that is my typical morning on my way to work on almost a daily work-day basis. Then work will continue throughout the day with several meetings in between time at my desk and scooting about to the pantry for a coffee refill and rushing in for meetings with several clients. Balancing several portfolios is never an easy task and constantly I tend to rely heavily on collaboration tools such as my Office Communicator and Live Meeting sessions. In this economic downturn, virtual meetings have slowly begun to replace teleconferences.

By the time I am done going through all of that, light has almost fallen and by the time I reach back in the neighbourhood, two options arise. Either I head over to the gym which I did yesterday and finished by 11pm, mostly the remaining option is to hang out with some of my gym mates or head back for some early snooze. Apparently either one can happen but it does take a drain on me (especially the gym part because it is meant to tire me out :P)

One thing I really wanted to do was to process some photos and post them up on the blog but most of the time when I do process my photos is it would be usually done when I am in the office between the time of 7-8pm where I can use a meeting room to slowly process my photos. Now it gets harder because I am trying to live a little bit healthier hence the need for me to go to the gym.

I guess I began to realise that I had to make time for my photos and photography. At the same time to also spend time developing myself as a photographer in both skills and the way I work. Never an easy task because most of the time I want to relax but there is this bit in me that wants to drive me to achieve more, to achieve a whole lot more. One of the first steps I took would be this recent promotion which I launched last week. I am so encouraged by the number of respondents so far that I am also excited to plan out these portrait sessions.

My point is that life gets hectic and sometimes we also do miss out on the main thing. This got me thinking to myself, what is the main thing? Ask me that 5 years ago and I will give you a very textbook answer but it wasn’t the answer which came from myself. It came from the textbook. Ask me this question now, you might get an answer closer to my heart. It is also so ironic that as I am writing this post, Zack Arias then posted this post on his blog.

My favourite quote from there mentioned,

You are standing on the dock and you can always stand on that dock. Always. Or you can get in a boat and push off. A well known photographer once said that they dove in over their heads and swam for the top. That’s pretty inspirational. I’ve done the same thing. However… I don’t think they said anything about how many dead bodies that they had to swim by to get to the surface again.

I think I definitely need to get out from sitting all day on my butt!

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  1. You do that when you run to the pantry for coffee refills. Off the butt, and into the pantry. Unless you wheel yourself on the chair to the pantry.

    Then I have nothing to say. 😛

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