Behind the scenes at Heritage Hotel

Here are some of the behind the scenes shots which Mun Tzin took when I photographed Poh Seong and Chiu Yen’s portraiture session at Heritage hotel last year. Last year sounds like a long time but then again, its only January 🙂

She was playing with my other camera whilst I was shooting the couple. She was also quite intrigued with the bath tubs that were located on the roof of Heritage hotel that she was bugging me to take a picture of her in the tub. Of course I obliged but I took a very quick shot of her.

Mun Tzin in a tub

Thanks again @munz for helping me out that day 🙂

6 thoughts on “Behind the scenes at Heritage Hotel”

  1. Nice!

    If you show me the last shot as-is… it's begging me to ask questions; why's she in the tub? why does she look so sad and forlorn? what is she thinking about? Pondering life before the new year or new changes?

    Sorry- somehow very thought provoking shot you got there.

  2. I agree with Eugene. I look super sad and tired. Looks like I have a lot of things bothering me and my life is in turbulence.

    Now I wish I had more shots with the bath tub.

  3. Hi Eugene, frankly in regards to the shot of Mun Tzin in a tub, if I am not wrong I asked her to look serious because the image was to show a thinking image. The area, the rustiness of the tub and the environment (including the post processing style) is to help portray a disturbed look or more what Mun Tzin would say life is in turbulence.

    Actually, that is what I have been feeling these days.

  4. Hah, I'll like to see you in the tub 🙂 but if that's the shot you were after — it works really well then!

    On a more serious note, I'm also in the vortex so to speak. Feel that 2010 will be a really rough ride with lots of changes, some forced, some self-initiated. Take care, both of you.

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