How was your labour day weekend?

Thanks to a little something called holiday in lieu, I managed to get a Friday off last week and spent the time on the golf course together with my high school friend, my colleague and another mutual friend. Tried out playing at the Monterez Golf and Country club for the first time and boy, was it a difficult course. Now I admit I am very much still a beginner at the game of golf so it was rather fun trying out the course but getting whooped by the rest wasn’t that fun (thanks to my super competitive nature).

In total, I hit a 129 on the course and even had a 1.5 hour break between the two nine holes thanks to extreme weather such as heavy rain and lightning. So much for me trying to break a hundred by the end of this year but hey, I have about 7 more months to improve. For some reason, I kept hitting into every water hazard there was on the first 9 holes so I definitely have to head back to the driving range to practice my swing again. That was my Friday.

On Saturday, I helped Nick out for a quick shoot in the morning, went for brunch at Raju’s off Jalan Gasing with an old uni mate and then headed over to Tropicana Grande to check out the new (and very expensive) condominiums which was opening up soon. After that, I headed to Carcosa Seri Negara for the first time to assist Grace for a maternity shoot which was totally fun!

After the shoot and several traffic jams later, Munz, Alex, Grace and I went for dinner at 1 Utama, trying out New York New York Deli which I thought was only mediocre. After dinner, we headed to GSC to catch Ironman 2 which was totally awesome.

On Sunday, I was out sick with a flu so I slept in and tried to rest until lunch time where I had to run a couple of errands at The Curve and then later in the evening out to USJ to check out more developments and finally at night, dinner at Pantai Seafood with the rest of the gang. Managed to order the “deep fried soft shell crabs with salted egg yolk” which was awesome and compared to the last time, we managed to finish it all up (the last time my colleagues ordered 49 crabs in total which was a bit of an overkill).

So that was my rather packed but interesting weekend. I am still struggling with a bit of the flu and thanks to Munz for providing me with some clarinase. I definitely need more rest and drink more fluids.

How was your weekend?

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  1. No problems mate, I will send you some photos which I took. Please send them to the couple for me ok 🙂 Tell them thanks again for their willingness 🙂

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