Independence Day, Selamat Meyambut Hari Merdeka

Every year on the 31st of August, Malaysians come together as one to celebrate our nation’s independence day but this year seems a little more of a solemn affair for me. Maybe its the tiring weekend I had and with all of the frustrations I went through, perhaps the joy of the day has become another passing holiday. Maybe its due to the extremely sorry state of our nation that we constantly read in the papers, read online and watch on television.

Youtube has been a great source of information but everytime I watch our politicians in the Dewan Rakyat, I have nothing more but more concern. As leaders of our nation, instead of focusing on the key points, getting us out from a bad economy and continue to build this nation into a developed one, we have those who tend to like to take every opportunity to gain some limelight and make an arse of him/herself.

Oh well, that is what happens when you just simply elect a representative without knowing their true capabilities.

So instead of out celebrating, I am a little more inclined to read these bit of news instead.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

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