Windows 7 and loving it!

To be completely honest, I have a desktop sitting at home which serves me more as a multimedia device. Its exactly almost 3 years old running on an old Core Duo processor at 2.13Ghz. Previously it has been running on Windows Vista Home Premium edition and I never had any issues with it because I hardly use the machine for any serious work. This is until Starcraft 2 came into mind and I installed the game and started playing it.

That was when all of the problems started to appear. The game was quite slow, at first I blamed it on my old PC specs and I haven’t had the cash to upgrade it. Well, I just can’t bring myself to spending so much cash on upgrading a perfectly working machine. Another problem I kept getting was that Vista kept crashing my Starcraft 2 and after trying to reinstall the game again, I just couldn’t do it! I blamed it on the game at first, because in order to install the game, I had to be connected to the internet which somehow my Vista’s protocol was preventing the game from detecting the internet.

Well after a long hard consideration, I went ahead and reformatted my PC, installed Windows 7 on it and am loving it. Starcraft 2 seems to be able to play much smoother now. To be honest, I actually installed XP on it first but the copy of XP I had was a little too old which didn’t have any of my hardware drivers which meant I couldn’t connect to the internet to download them. After a painful weekend of installing it, I am quite pleased with Windows 7. Its a pity that I only have the 32-bit version with me, otherwise I would have installed the 64-bit version and fully utilize the 4Gb of RAM I have installed.

At the moment I am still keeping this machine clean, only installed Google Chrome, Open Office, Alvira AntiVirus and VLC player. I guess those are the softwares I pretty much need at the moment.

Can’t wait to get a new replacement office laptop fitted out with Win 7. My current one is still running on XP.

Not too bad for a 3 year old PC scoring a 5.4 on the Windows Experience Index.

Check out this commercial for the new Windows 7 phone.

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    1. Well I didn't have the standard installation disc. Had to borrow the disc from someone else and it only had the 32-bit installer in it only. Anyway, yes, installation was just so easy! After leaving it running overnight to download the latest updates, everything worked out great!

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