Expendables: The Total Kill Count

Got this piece of info from BK.

The stars have a total of 1,593 kills which is quite a lot! Jet Li has a total 231 kills which is no small figure.

But I think the guy who might have the most kill would be the Death Star Weapons Officer. Until now, we have no idea who donned the suit (ok, I am just way too lazy to check out the credits). Anyway, his pull of the trigger which destroyed Alderaan and a couple of cruisers (taking these info from just the movie and none of the Star Wars book), these guys probably beat our Expendables action heroes.

Speaking of killing a lot of people, I also remembered that Eric Bana who played Captain Nero in Star Trek (2009) who also killed off billions of Vulcans when he dropped the red matter into the planet and destroyed planet Vulcan.

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  1. Dolph Lundgren pwns. Pity there are no Russians in the lineup, but he's the only one who could pass for one anyway. So my theory on Russians being the ultimate badasses still stands!

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