Greetings from Cebu, Philippines!

Its day 2 here in Cebu, feels very different here because the sun sets very early. It feels like 8pm in Malaysia when it is only 6pm here where the sun is almost completely set. But I definitely love the food here! Today has been a hectic day for me as Ian and I have been shooting Nick and Sharon’s wedding here in Cebu.

I will be here till Sunday and I hardly get much access to the internet. So far things here have been fantastic, just came back from eating one of the best scallops in town as well as finger licking roast pork knuckles and suckling pig and to top it off, a huge barbequed tuna jaw (really huge, larger than my head!). I am completely stuffed from dinner.

The flight here wasn’t that comfortable, traveled via Cebu Air but the flight was through the night and I had a 3 hour lay over at Manila which I will have another on Sunday as well.

Wished I could post a picture as well but since my Macbook Pro is in the hospital and I shot mostly in RAW today, I don’t have the necessary software to convert them over. Only way is to get the image imported onto my iPad and use my iPad to email the image to my PC. But first, I need to get the camera connection kit!

Will post up more pictures when I get back.

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