A Visit to the Batcave a.k.a Autodetailer

Being part of the WPPM does have its benefits. Though I am a little shy as I haven’t posted about photography in a while, this time I managed to join Patrick Low on one of his Photographer’s chill out sessions at Autodetailer. In case you may not be familiar, Autodetailer is located at Jaya One and it prides itself as Malaysia’s most advanced detailing studio.

I first met Darren when I attended the Nigel Barker’s workshop a while back. Am glad that he managed to recognize me when I arrived at his studio.

Took this shot using my iPhone 4 and edited the image using SnapSeed

As I was at another event prior to this, by the time I arrived at the batcave, Darren was already giving the rest of the group a tour of his detailing studio. It is really really impressive and there has been countless of articles on the Star as well as car magazines which featured his studio.

Large turnout at the Photographer’s Chill Out session

It was a real pity that my gears were in for service at the time or else I would be happily taking photos of his studio but I was very impressed with his car studio setup as well as his post processing setup. I have never seen a Wacom tablet that is larger than a 24″ iMac in my life before!

After going through a tour of the detailing studio, I was utterly amazed! No wonder plenty of people send their cars to Darren to detail as well as restore. It’s just amazing to see the amount of detailed work they put into each and every car. I was literally blown away and amazed and I can say that his detailing studio is the only one that has an iMac and a uber large Wacom tablet 😛

Here are some of the images taken by Darren and displayed on his Facebook Page.

The last of the 3 images above has me very intrigued lately. Mainly because that is Darren’s car and he has been working on his personal project which is to transform his Mito into a unique looking mini car which looks totally awesome. You can find out more about Project Mito at the blog or you can always check out their Facebook Page for latest updates. Do check out this Facebook Album set for a plethora of poisonous images.

I think I should do that as well for my Golf but most of the time, my Golf is pretty much dirty from all the rainy weather we have been having. It definitely needs a good wash!

For more information about WPPM and the monthly Photographer’s Chill-Out Sessions, do visit the WPPM Facebook page for updates.

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