Interior Photography, Definitely not Easy

Recently I tried taking some interior shots of a restaurant and it was not easy at all. Firstly, I don’t think I have the right equipment for the job and secondly, it was a mixed indoor and outdoor environment. The only way I could do was to just mount my camera on my tripod and just shoot away.


It was tough getting everything captured and because I didn’t have the right lighting equipment, I had to capture several shots of the same scene but at different exposures.

Maybe I did it wrongly but hey, it was a real learning experience.

Most of the time the lighted areas will get overexposed while the rest are under but I tried my best to capture and show what the actual environment is like at the time of capture.

I think I should attempt another round of shots especially during magic hour where the sky is nice and blue and there is a little bit more ambient lighting.

The last time I remembered an architectural photographer who specialized in interior shots, he mentioned that normal interior shots involves a lot of external lights where they light up various places to capture it all nicely. I think it will definitely take me a while to get that look.


Next after interior shots, I probably got to learn how to take food photos. That would be another challenge indeed!

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