Short Trip To Singapore

Whenever I get a chance to drive down to Singapore or Johor, I will never fail to pump in some EuroV diesel goodness. I love the immediate results of it, I get a smoother and quieter engine on the get go. It makes the remaining drive down a little bit more pleasant.

This time around I drove down to attend a wedding dinner so it will be a short trip. Leaving early on a Saturday morning, the highways wasn’t exactly clear with the occasional car hogging the fast lane. Woodlands checkpoint was a different case, there was quite a fair bit of traffic there. 

By the time we checked in and thought about lunch, we walked about and came across Wine Connection near our hotel. 

We started out with a foie gras platter. It was good. The last time I ate foie gras was about 5 years ago on my honeymoon to the Maldives. This time it had apple, sea salt and salad as sides which eaten together makes all the difference. 


Pork Schnitzel
This was followed with a pork schnitzel and fish and chips as mains. The pork was ok, definitely not something which can be compared to the succulent cuts of fried pork at “tonkatsu” (I go to the one at 1 Utama normally) and the fish and chips weren’t exactly up to standard. I could easily tell that it was deep fried when it was frozen, causing the inside to be mushy. 


Fish & Wedges
 After a heavy lunch we decided to take a walk around and finally settled at a Starbucks as I always loved having the white chocolate mocha here. Right next to the Starbucks where there was a Tiara Society where hoards of parents brought their daughters there to let them experience what it was like to be a princess. More like a Disney princess from the looks of it. A good friend of mine, asked me, are there one for boys. That was indeed a good question. 
Driving in Singapore isn’t easy. I constantly have to ensure I don’t break any traffic laws which my colleagues are astounded that I don’t have a single police summons (lately). I thank Waze for that! 

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