What I Hope Apple will Announce at WWDC

Every year Apple will host their annual WWDC conference 2016 which stands for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. It will be held in San Francisco this year in 2016 and what can we normally expect from such a conference?

In 2014, Apple announced OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. Some features include continuity which includes handoff and airdrop. In 2015, Apple announced OS X El Capitan, Apple Pay being launched in the UK, WatchOS 2, updates to CarPlay and Apple Music. You can definitely spot the trend here, it’s all about software. Some folks might wish that Apple would announce some new hardware upgrades as well.

I for one, would like if Apple would announce the following items:

  • A refreshed Macbook Pro – The current one with the unibody design has been in the market since 2009. A year after my old Macbook Pro 2008. Of course, Apple has been hit a lot in the press lately for not having a machine capable of supporting VR. Hopefully, a new Macbook Pro from Apple might prove otherwise.
  • Software updates – I expect the usual updates, such as the latest version of MacOS (the new rumoured name for the Mac operating system), iOS, WatchOS and tvOS. What I would like is that Apple improves some of their native applications within iOS. I would love it if their reminders app for iPhone is updated and sexier. I currently use Wunderlist but the speed of which it loads up is quite slow at times.
  • A more advanced Siri – and also available for MacOS as well. I do hope that Apple allows more integration with Siri such as releasing API’s for various services in which Siri can search (not everyone lives in the US and want to search for NFL and baseball results).
  • Night mode for iOS devices! Rumours are strife with this new feature and it really isn’t something that difficult to implement. I can guess that this has a high probability of appearing.
  • A total revamp of the App Store for the MacOS. There has been a lot of complaints from developers that the App Store for MacOS doesn’t bring them enough cash compared to the iOS App Store. The App Store is indeed outdated and a revamp of the store is much needed to boost the store.
  • Improvement for Maps in Malaysia!
  • More watch faces for the Apple watch!
  • More native software for the Apple watch as well
  • 5K resolution external monitor from Apple

Pretty much what I do wish for is expected of Apple aside from their terrible native applications. I don’t see much of their applications gaining popularity unless they truly focus on them, making them a lot more functional and also easy on the eyes.

With a baby now, I might still be awake ready to catch the live stream of WWDC 2016 but with the amount of work I have to do, I might just sleep through it as usual and just read the news on the web.

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