Incremental Updates vs Launching a Perfect Product

In the case of incremental updates using experimentation and quick improvements are always something which the world of software can really benefit from compared to people who build hardware. Apple said recently that the Mac Pro won’t be launched till 2019 and many say why are they moving so slow? The context behind that was that the older or current Mac Pro hadn’t been updated for the past 4 years and news site said that Apple had planned for the Mac Pro would be released in 2018.

Between that, Apple did release the iMac Pro which sort of sits between both areas of where an enthusiast can have the processing power to production houses who needs the power and scalability. Now compare hardware to software where incremental updates such as websites like Amazon get updates almost every 10 seconds.

I think both methods are great and both have its use cases because we have seen when hardware companies try to release something large and fail miserably but the notion of hardware itself is not something that can get the quick incremental update compared to software.

The key is basically the mission or the purpose of the product which is how would it affect the customer, whether it enhances their lives or complicate it. I am sure everyone has the customer at heart but how deeply entrenched it is would make the ultimate difference in the end product.

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