Get your Castrol engine oil and service package from Shopee!

One of the many fears most motorists have is when they service their cars outside is that whether the engine oil used is original. We know there are many fakes going about, not only engine oil but from cigarretes to even alcohol.

Thanks to them introducing their engine oil online, you can now safely purchase Castrol engine oil on Shopee as well as purchase service packages. This is Castrol’s promise that you will have a hassle-free experience with a 100 percent guarantee that your car will be serviced with genuine Castrol lubricants.

You can search for Service Packages via the Shopee Castrol Official Store and select your desired service voucher. Upon purchase, proceed to book an appointment at one of Castrol’s many authorised workshops. On the day of the workshop visit, the car will be subjected to a 15-point inspection by a highly-trained mechanic to make necessary fluid changes as per the voucher purchase. When paying, simply click “redeem” on the in-app voucher to claim it and simply present the Branch Code page to workshop staff to complete the redemption.

Choosing your service package on the Castrol Shopee Official Store

The introduction of this service package comes on the back of Castrol Malaysia’s successful launch of its e-store on Shopee in November 2019. Thus far, the e-store has been a success and is projected to increase further as more and more users rely on it as their go-to seller of genuine Castrol lubricants.

“Purchasing the best lubricants for your car just got a whole lot easier. We want to ensure customers get what they pay for, with ease, and this is why the online service package was introduced. We can now offer our services and products with uncompromising quality and customers can be 100 percent assured that they are getting genuine Castrol products with ease, from the comforts of their own homes,” Gan Wee Kiong – Country Sales Director Malaysia & Singapore

He added, “We have a proud tradition in Castrol to provide an unparalleled excellence in premium, high quality motoring products and services to our users. We remain the world’s leading premium lubricant specialist with over 100 years of industry leadership in technology and development. As such, we firmly commit to continue delivering only the best products to our customers, without compromise“

What do I think of that? I think it is convenient but in terms of the customer service, there are some hassles. For example, I have to search through the images on Shopee to look for the nearest workshop. If I were using my phone, the images and details were definitely too small. Something they need to buck up on for sure.

Also for each purchase, it is a 4L bottle. Now I know that my car, a BMW E90 320d needs about 6L of engine oil so if I were to select two quantity, the price remains the same. Does that mean that the price stated here is just the price of workmanship and the additional engine oil needs to be topped up? I am curious because whenever I select more than 1 quantity, am I paying double for the workmanship cost and not for the added oil?

That is what I am constantly worried about with these added costs and the entire customer journey isn’t reviewed through enough by the folks over at Castrol. I hope they do buck up and clarify it a little better. I would recommend that in the item selection, customers are able to choose the quantity of engine oil that they want in 1L increments. Makes it a lot easier to make a decision then.

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