My Top 5 things to tag with Apple’s AirTags

So Apple announced their latest tracker device called an AirTag last week and with a cost of RM149 per piece (excluding the accessories), whatever you are going to lose should be worth more than RM149. In our context, what can we tag?

First of all, an AirTag is a device which you attach to your keys or hide in your bag/purse so that you can use your iPhone to locate using Apple’s Ultrawideband. Not only that, the tags uses other Apple nearby devices to help ping it to locate it (those devices don’t have to be yours). In a world where Apple products make up to >40% marketshare, that sounds fantastic. Here in Malaysia where Apple probably accounts for <10% of the mobile marketshare, it gets a little more difficult to locate.

Who knows that in a post-pandamemic world, we might start forgetting to take our bags when we are out at the cafe or we might just misplace them at the office.

Apple AirTags are so small that you can hide them anywhere

So, what should I tag or hide those Apple AirTags in to make them safer?

  1. Luggage – I think these should be one of those items which makes sense to have a hidden AirTag at. But since most travel is locked down, perhaps this is one of those you should consider in the future.
  2. Daily bag/bagpack – If you use a daily bag or bagpack containing a laptop and other gadgets, then yes, having an AirTag in there does help you give you that little bit of security. If it is hidden well, you can hopefully trace your device.
  3. Bicycle – If you have an expensive bicycle then yes, the AirTag makes good sense for you to have a tag there just to ensure that if there is any occurence of theft, you might have the slightest chance of recovery.
  4. Car – If your car doesn’t already have a tracking GPS (which usually cost a couple of thousand ringgit and have a monthly subscription cost), this is a cheaper way to track it. Not to say that you can get great reception from it but at least the item is so small that thieves might not be able to locate it.
  5. Drone/Pet – If you have a pet such as a dog or cat who has the freedom to roam about, having an AirTag attached to them does narrow the need to constantly be on the lookout or searching for them. Same goes for your hobby items such as a drone, having the ability to track it in the event if it crashes does offer you a chance to locate it.

Personally I don’t think tagging keys or car keys would be worthwhile for me as I don’t usually lose them and I have a place where I normally store them.

What else would you like to see tagged in your life? Once these become available here in Malaysia, I will get one and write a review on it.

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