Bringing my BMW E90 320d for a Technical Campaign

What is a technical campaign by BMW, you might wonder? A technical campaign is a system that BMW uses to ensure that certain recalls are done to replace certain parts in your car that might be potentially faulty. BMW Malaysia has their site here where you can go in, key in your car’s VIN and check if there are any technical campaigns associated with it.

BMW follows recommended precautionary exercises from authorities worldwide to address issues that may arise from specific parts or systems. These instances are rare, but as part of our commitment to making your driving pleasure our top priority, it is necessary that we ensure all potential risks are eliminated.

Recently a friend of mine received a call from Autobavaria claiming that his 2011 BMW E90 320d has a new technical campaign released for the model. Thanks to this information, I called BMW Voice and found out that I could check whether my vehicle has a technical campaign at the BMW website. I entered the site and keyed in my 16-digit vehicle VIN and found three technical campaigns for it.

BMW Quill Automobiles Service Centre lounge

I called Quill Automobiles, the dealer where I purchased my car, and even though the vehicle was ten years old, they asked me to bring it in for a check. Early Friday morning, I drove over to the Quill Service Center located in Section 13 and met with a service advisor named Ian. He informed me that I needed to sign a couple of documents that waived any right to claim damages from Quill in the event the FRM module became faulty during the technical campaign. The FRM Module or the footwell module is particularly sensitive, and in the past, I faced an issue where a local service guy screwed it up and caused all of the electronics to fail.

Since the car itself was already ten years old, and I didn’t have a service history with Quill after the warranty period, it makes sense that they wanted to be absolved in case anything happens. After checking for the day, Ian informed me that my car has three technical campaigns that can be fulfilled. It includes a cable connected to the battery, another relating to the motor coil and finally the one which was most important to me, the airbag.

I tried Googling for the technical campaign numbers online but couldn’t find any new information, so it must be pretty new. For the other two campaigns, there were documentation and experiences which people have shared as well globally.

They returned the car to me and told me that Quill would contact me when the parts arrived from Germany. It looks like the car would be left at home now until they complete the fixes. Hopefully, it doesn’t cause other damages and that I can drive the car again.

p.s. I will keep this post updated as the Technical Campaign system seems to be unavailable on the BMW website

BMW Technical Campaign system is offline

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