Roasted Peking Duck

Dim Dou Duck at Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown

Every time when I go out and eat with my parents, I have trouble trying to find a suitable restaurant to try and also bring them. On one fine Saturday night, I decided to say let’s meet up at Starling Mall in Damansara Uptown and we will find a restaurant that has space for us. I honestly chanced upon Dim Dou Duck, an establishment which I always said that I would try the next time I was in Starling Mall. I finally decided to give it a go together with my parents.

We ordered the usual fare for 5 adults and 1 kid. Of course since I was towing a 6-year old, I needed something simple for him and ordered him a serving of Yang Chow Fried Rice (RM26).

Yang Chow Fried Rice

The dish came out to be quite large especially for my son so I took a couple of bites from it. It was really good, every bit of rice was coated nicely and cooked well. It wasn’t too salty nor did the fried anchovies were too over powering.

Steamed Three Colour Eggs

I love steamed eggs especially when its the usual combination of 3 different types of eggs, their Steamed Three Colour Eggs (RM20) did not disappoint at all. Taste was delicate with the small bits of century egg in it gave it an overall nice balance.

Braised Chinese Spinach with crab meat and egg

Of course my wife insisted that we needed to have vegetables so I sort of compromised it by ordering the Braised Chinese Spinach with crab meat and egg (RM29). It arrived in a nice claypot and all you need to do is give it a good stir and mix it with your rice and you are good to go!

Roasted Peking Duck

With the name of the restaurant having the word “duck” in it, you definitely got to try at least one of their duck dishes. We decided to be safe and try half a roast Peking Duck (RM65) that came with the wrappers and some add-ons. It wasn’t too bad, I still miss the fatty ducks that I used to eat back in the UK.

Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish

One of the classics and a personal favourite of mine, pork belly with salted fish (RM29). The pork belly in this case was sliced a little too thinly for my personal taste as I like a little bit more of a bite. Still, flavour-wise it was good and it had a nice generous helping of salted fish as well in the claypot.

Salt & Pepper Deep fried squid tentacles

And last but not least, the last dish to arrive was the Salt & Pepper Deep fried squid tentacles (RM29). I enjoyed this very much as this was one of my favourite staple dishes.


Would I return again? Yes, definitely. I will try another duck dish and also explore other dishes as well. What I like about it overall was that the service was good and quick. Can’t really find much fault with it. Others may think that it is a tad bit expensive which it is in comparison outside but compared to the other restaurants in Starling Mall, its pretty much on par with them.

Address: G-034, THE STARLING MALL 6, JALAN SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact: +60122788262


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