Electric Vehicle Expo (EVX) Malaysia

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Electric Vehicle Expo (EVX) at the Setia City Convention Centre. It was one of the largest EV expo about with many electric cars on display. Electric vehicles have been the talk of town ever since Tesla announced its official opening in Malaysia with the Model Y starting at RM199k. Thanks to that, the whole move towards electric vehicle adoption should continue to rise up.

Here are some of the photos that I took during my short time there before I had to take care of a work issue.

One of my favourite booths at the event, the Audi booth which showcased a couple of electric cars that were super sexy looking.

Gentari by Petronas is our national oil & gas carrier’s foray into the clean energy space and I am glad that they have taken initiative within the electric vehicle charging space across the country. As more folks start to rely on electric vehicles, our charging infrastructure needs to be able to keep up as well.

The ultimate EV vehicle on display by Lotus, the Eletre. Sexy looking and insane as well. Puts all other EVs to shame at the expo, including the ones at the boring BMW booth.

Audi’s solution to the side mirror is to display it via a small screen on the side door. Also can be used to spy on people’s crotches.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6, launched around the same time as the Tesla Model Y which was unfortunate. But, it has a rear end design that only a mother can love so its price tag is going to be one which is difficult to justify as well.

Blueshark scooters caught the attention of many especially with its swappable battery design. Imagine if you can swap batteries at every SpeedMart99 or 7-Eleven, this would definitely boost electric motorbike adoption.

If owning an electric vehicle is too expensive, you can consider leasing them via AVIS.

Mercedes showed a slew of their electric SUVs drawing a huge crowd around each of them.

Aside from car manufacturers, there were a number of non-vehicle booths, mostly either from banks providing financing to buyers as well as charging powerbox suppliers. Glad to see so many players already in the space and there isn’t any monopoly in that space. Of course, Kineta had to display a Taycan Turbo S at their booth which definitely caught my eye.

The Volvo C40 did catch my eye, one that I would like to have as a daily driver to travel to and fro the office. I would also install a rear Thule tow bicycle rack which would make it a great utility vehicle. I only wished that it was below RM200k.

Last but not least, the BYD booth with their Atto 3 took the largest space (I think). One of the more affordable electric SUV in the market currently. I sat in one and it was a delight as a passenger.

Electric Vehicle Expo

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