An Interesting Penang Trip

As would most folks in KL, the quest for local delights will bring one around the country in search for the ultimate fare and Penang is one state all too familiar with their local dishes. So, on one fine long weekend, me and my colleagues decided to head up to Penang for 4 days to…… Continue reading An Interesting Penang Trip

More Photos from Penang

Its Saturday and I am completely worn out from the week. I completed my training at IBM at Bandar Utama and on Friday I was completely surprised when I received a certificate for completing the course, DB2 LUW for SAP, and on top of that, the trainer, Jeremy from the IBM Development Centre in Toronto…… Continue reading More Photos from Penang

The One with the First Session

Having flown all the way from KL to Penang just to attend the “From Ordinary to Extraordinary workshop”, I was totally psyched out because I couldn’t control the joy and excitement within myself. Why was I excited? I wanted to reach to newer levels of photography and having just started photography from scratch a little…… Continue reading The One with the First Session