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Quick Review: Magnum Cafe Midvalley

The other day my colleagues and I decided to head over to Midvalley for lunch, firstly because my boss liked eating at the Magnum Cafe and secondly we could do a little bit of Christmas shopping for the department’s gift exchange. Luckily by the time we finished lunch and headed to the cafe, there wasn’t a queue at all. Since we were 2nd in line, we had the luxury of reviewing through the.. Read More

Review: Samurai Lip


The other day I was surfing through Facebook whilst I was probably waiting in some queue that I chanced upon a picture of car with a nice lip, something which was subtle and looked practical as well. Little did I know it was a product made out of rubber and it can be made to fit any car. Of course, without much thinking, I just called the guy and he gladly came over.. Read More

My first impressions with the iPhone 6+


Yes I finally managed to get ahold of the iPhone 6+ from Apple and getting to where I am now took a lot of time as well as effort. First and foremost, I am the type of person who wouldn’t want to pay a premium for a phone just to be one of the early adopters. Like many others, I waited for one to be offered by Maxis. And like many who were.. Read More

Mark’s Foodie: Capitol Nasi Dagang, Damansara Utama


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to try out Nasi Dagang at Capitol Restaurant in Damansara Uptown together with my in-laws on a Sunday afternoon. Normally I try to avoid the Uptown area thanks to it’s very limited parking area but since it was a Sunday, parking was extremely easy. Eating here was simple, menus are simple to decipher and easy to choose and of course there isn’t much selection when it.. Read More