Travels: Jakarta

I don't usually travel a lot for work but this time around I was given the opportunity to go to Jakarta for a launch event and it was my first time there. Although it was only for two nights, being there in Jakarta opened up my eyes to not only how bustling the city was but the amazing food … Continue reading

Unboxing the Equil Smartmarker

This totally, completely, makes all other smart-boards feel a little absolute. My first encounter with a smart board was one of those Pana Board made by Panasonic where what ever we wrote on them, you could sort of print it out on a piece of paper directly. The ink smudges on it and sometimes it … Continue reading

Short Trip To Singapore

   Whenever I get a chance to drive down to Singapore or Johor, I will never fail to pump in some EuroV diesel goodness. I love the immediate results of it, I get a smoother and quieter engine on the get go. It makes the remaining drive down a little bit more pleasant.    This … Continue reading