STP Diesel Fuel Treatment

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment – It Works!

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment

After about 82,000km, the Diesel engine started to feel a little rough. This meant I could feel a little bit more vibrations then usual and because of the hydraulic steering on my E90 320d, I feel the vibration a lot more.

Previously I had my car sent to a workshop to undergo this Liqui Moly Jetronic cleaning bit but that was when the car had only 40,000km to the clock and frankly, after spending a couple of hundred bucks for the cleaning service, I couldn’t tell any difference.

I had consider sending my car in again now but I thought why not try a cheaper alternative. So off I went to ACE hardware at Publika last night, bought a whole bunch of STP Diesel Fuel Treatment (I just took the first one I saw on the shelf as there were many diesel fuel treatment available). At RM14.90 per bottle, it was a lot cheaper then sending the car in for the jet cleaning service. I bought 5 in total.

After that, I went to the nearest BHP station which was located at Mutiara Damansara and pumped in a full tank of diesel and poured in the fuel treatment. Honestly, I felt the engine become so much smoother. It really does have an effect and I guessed as much that my injectors were getting clogged up especially thanks to our high sulphur diesel available here.

I will monitor the progress for a bit and see if there are any more feedback I get from the engine.


The ASUS RT-AC68U Router


I was away over the weekend spending some time in Langkawi with the Integricity family and when I returned home on Sunday I noticed that my ASUS RT-N16 router was completely dead. First thing that came to my mind was to head over to 1Utama (which I was heading to anyway for some lunch) and pick up a router.

A quick search on Google as well as remembering that I read a post on Gareth’s blog about a fancy router which he had gotten, I decided to zoom in on the ASUS RT-AC68U. Of course his blog did mention that his firmware was causing him to get disconnected and he opted for a third party firmware instead. I preferred the standard OEM way and went on Lowyat to check out if there were any reviews about this router. Came across the post and decided to leave a comment there.

As the response was favourable, I decided to go ahead with that. The first shop I stopped at 1Utama was located at the lower ground floor at the pathway between the old wing and the new wing. They didn’t have it in stock at the moment so I decided to head upstairs to the old wing where there is an IT store which did have it in stock. Price listed was RM999 which was exorbitant. Decided against purchasing it then.

Yesterday I headed to Digital Mall in section 14 and bought it from Compu-Zone (1st floor in Digital Mall), my usual PC shop where I normally get my PC parts from. Total cost was RM745 after a discount and even got my credit card charges waived.

Brought the router back home and quickly set it up and setting it up was very easy. What wasn’t easy was trying to detect back my old Western Digital Live Book which I had previously set it on a fixed IP but now with the router change, it wasn’t detecting it anymore. A quick reset (reseting it doesn’t erase the data) and it was back on my network and my Mac machines can easily run time machine back on it.

At the moment, it is still at it’s early stages, but running my PLEX server and having media played on my iPad is as seamless as ever. No jerking issues detected at all as well. One of the reasons why I decided to go with this router is that I didn’t set up a wired network connection around my house so I am very much reliant on wireless technology to stream my movies and tv series via PLEX. Although the new wireless protocol AC is pretty much new, Apple should be releasing their newer devices with AC wifi available (fingers crossed for the iPhone 6).

I noticed that there are a lot of settings now available with the new router so I will probably spend the week Googling up what those networking terms mean and see how I can better secure my home network.


My first TimeToAttack

Updated on 9th of May 2014: Added in the official results from ZeroToHundred

Today would be two firsts for me, first time I am participating in ZeroToHundred’s TimeToAttack and me blogging using my iPhone 5. But of course the first one sounds a little more interesting. The day started off with registration and a car inspection. After that I headed over to our assigned pits and started unloading the car of my spare tyre and fan blower.

There was plenty of time between registration till the driver’s briefing so I decided to take a walk around the pit lanes. There was an open day track day going on as well so the pit areas were buzzing with activity.

I met up with some friends and started hanging around WingHin’s pit where the two Golf R’s, RX7 and a Toyota 86 was being prepped.

By the time it was time for my group which was the first group out, I made several rookie mistakes. First mistake, I started out with 32 PSI on all 4 tyres on cold tyres. The track was hot and after 3 laps, it jumped to 40 PSI and I lost grip on the track. I quickly pitted trying to release more air and I couldn’t find the air pressure gauge. Wasted a lot of time letting air go and by the time I went out, I didn’t have much time left to run. My best time, 2m50sec for the first session.

After the first session I was completely disappointed with myself and sought advice from some friends. Nick advised me to start out with around 26-27 PSI and by the second round I made sure that the tyres were prepped up with 27 PSI all around. By the time the second session was about to start, I double checked everything and made sure all is ok.

And it was in my second session where I knew the tyres were starting to grip throughout and I didn’t need to pit. I made a couple of mistakes here and there but the group was kind of interesting. Saw a E92 335i spin-off at turn 7/8 and then later after he overtook me on the straight before turn 15, he locked up his brakes at turn 15 and blocked my racing line when he tried to recover.

Thanks to the tyres having the right temp, I managed a 2min49sec lap. I know I can be slightly faster but at least my lap times are getting more consistent and I am not shredding my front tyres.

After cooling down, I went on a walk with some friends along the service pathways watching the TimeAttack cars go through turns 1-5. Watching from there was amazing because you tend to notice a lot more things compared to when I am driving in the car. Learned a couple of new lines which I would love to try out during the next track day.

After a long day at Sepang, I am completely worn out and as I wait for my Mac Mini to process the video I recorded using Siva’s GoPro, I think I will sleep happily tonight.

By the way, in terms of the results of the group, I will probably wait for ZeroToHundred to show the official results. Check out the video of my 2nd round session below. Don’t judge me by the music as I used all royalty free music so my choices were somewhat limited :)


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