Driven: Kuala Kelawang

A couple of months back, I organised a drive together with a bunch of my driving buddies through the routes of Kuala Kelawang. We have been on many drives but we never did manage to try out the old road towards Kuala Kelawang. The old road is still a popular road amongst driving enthusiasts, car … Continue reading

Driven: The Cliffs of Moher

This is a new start of my driving series where I will share experiences of driving around Malaysia as well as around the world where people travel just to enjoy the fun and thrill of the drive, the food and of course the scenery. The car is secondary but it doesn't hurt if you have an amazing … Continue reading

My Myo Unboxing!

I have been waiting for my Myo since a long while, how long you might ask? Well I blogged about waiting for it since May in 2013 so I guess that was a pretty long wait. In case if you are wondering what a Myo (pronounced ma-yo) is, the Myo is an Gesture Control Armband which I got … Continue reading