Quick Review: Magnum Cafe Midvalley

The other day my colleagues and I decided to head over to Midvalley for lunch, firstly because my boss liked eating at the Magnum Cafe and secondly we could do a little bit of Christmas shopping for the department’s gift exchange. Luckily by the time we finished lunch and headed to the cafe, there wasn’t a queue at all.


Since we were 2nd in line, we had the luxury of reviewing through the menu and then deciding on what to choose. I decided on the standard fare where you choose a type of Magnum and have 3 types of topping. All for the price of RM9.90.


In truth, the hardest decision I had was to decide which 3 toppings to go with my Magnum. So I went with the chocolate magnum with chocolate coating.


Interestingly there are also toppings which were more of the savoury persuasion such as sea salt! Anyway I was feeling a little bit of a sweet tooth at the time so I chose everything chocolate.


And finally to top it all off, a drizzle of white chocolate. Frankly it was extremely satisfying and affordable. I rather have this than pay RM10 for a scoop of some ice cream.

If you have the chance, do try it out whenever you are in Midvalley or at IOI mall.

Review: Samurai Lip


The other day I was surfing through Facebook whilst I was probably waiting in some queue that I chanced upon a picture of car with a nice lip, something which was subtle and looked practical as well. Little did I know it was a product made out of rubber and it can be made to fit any car.

Of course, without much thinking, I just called the guy and he gladly came over to my house to install the lip. The product name, Samurai Lip and its made out of rubber, hailing from Thailand.

Sounds pretty cool to me.


The product basically arrives as a strip of rubber with 3M tape on one end. If I am not mistaken, the length of the rubber is 2.5m. Hence as long as your bumper doesn’t exceed that length, you should have enough material.

Installation was very easy and straight forward. You clean the area where you want to stick the rubber parts to and the product gives you the cleaning materials as well.


After you cleaned the area, then you proceed to stick it onto the bumper. Because I am such a klutz and don’t have the patience, Kit, the guy selling the stuff, was kind enough to do it for me.


He made sure that the rubber piece stuck on properly as well as made sure that I was happy with it before pressing it onto the bumper.


I was quite happy with the end product at the end of the day and at a very low cost of RM150, I managed to get it installed at my own convenience.

Just to also highlight the product doesn’t need to be only applied on your front bumper. There are other folks who also applied it to their side skirt as well as their rear bumper as well.

If you are interested to have a rubber lip for your car, you can contact Ykit at 012-342 9029.

My first impressions with the iPhone 6+

Image from CNET

Yes I finally managed to get ahold of the iPhone 6+ from Apple and getting to where I am now took a lot of time as well as effort.

First and foremost, I am the type of person who wouldn’t want to pay a premium for a phone just to be one of the early adopters. Like many others, I waited for one to be offered by Maxis. And like many who were excited, when Maxis announced that pre-orders would start at the end of October, we were all waiting with great eagerness.


As the announcements started coming out on social media, I went through the steps highlighted by Maxis (via their online site) and I received an email confirming that I was eligible to pre-order the phone.

Confirmation Maxis

The email gave me a sense of confidence that my account had no issues and I knew I had only a month left on my existing contract. 31st October approached and I sat in front of my computer eagerly refreshing the online store. Just 30 minutes before midnight, the store crashed and everyone had issues connecting to the store. It was so bad that I couldn’t even log in. This continued for the entire day on the 31st of October.

Not only that many people couldn’t pre-order, after 2 days of attempting to get into the website, when I finally managed to log in, the online system didn’t allow me to use my existing number when I tried to check out. It kept prompting me to register a new number or asked me to transfer from another telco.

After logging 4 calls to the Helpdesk, their only response that the sales team would call me and that they can sort it out. The first thing they mentioned was that I had a month left in my contract hence I had that issue but after checking with the online forums, people with 2-3 months had no issues ordering the phone.

The apparent “tai chi-ing” culture that we have as a problem to the sales team. At first I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because I received an sms like the one below.


The next day, the sales team called me and told me that I have no more pre-order because my account was tagged to a corporate line. And I thought being a corporate customer would get a better priority but I guess it isn’t the case. That night after work I headed to the nearest Maxis store. After a quick Google search, from where I was based in Cyberjaya, the nearest and most convenient one for me was at Sunway Pyramid. I arrived there and after 45 minutes of waiting in queue, my line was tagged as a personal line within 5 minutes.

I am baffled that if the folks at the center only needed to take 5 minutes to untag me, I wondered why the sales team couldn’t have done it for me.

After settling my account, I went home and tried the online store. By this time it was already the 3rd of November and the store was back in operation. I checked out and finally I could select the option where I can use my existing number.

Instead of ordering, I decided to try my luck by queuing up at Maxis KLCC on the 6th of November. At 5.30am I was 4th in line and by 7.30am the stores, opened.


Sadly even the guy who was first in line (I swear that idiot cut our queue but the folks in front of me just let him cut in), the staff announced that all units of the iPhone 6+ 64Gb and 128Gb were completely out of stock.

The guy who cut our queue as he just simply walked in and placed himself at the front

I settled for a 16Gb iPhone 6+ Space Grey. It seemed like the popular colour choice as I knew that others might want it and I was honestly hoping to trade it up for a larger capacity one.

After getting the phone on Thursday, I managed to trade my phone to a 64Gb Silver iPhone 6+ with a nice chap on Monday and now I am happily using it.


First impressions with the iPhone 6+? It is huge. I started writing this article on my iPhone and sadly the entire article wasn’t uploaded here!

The phone is huge and using it with one hand takes some getting used to. I love the size of the screen and I got a cheap case to protect the phone after my trade.

I am only waiting now for most of the apps to be updated to utilize the full HD screen available on the iPhone 6+ as everything seems a little too large and pixelated for my liking.

Clearing Your iPhone Photo Cache and Clearing Some Space


If you are one of those folks who decided not to wait to get the latest stock of the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6+ with 64Gb and 128Gb, and you are forced to restore your data from a larger capacity phone to a smaller one, space may be the key to having a smooth recovery and being able to live with the iPhone 6/6+ 16Gb variant.

When Apple released iOS 8, the camera roll which a lot of users were so familiar with disappeared. This caused an uproar in the user community that in iOS 8.1, Apple brought back the camera roll and also included a “Recently Deleted” section in case you accidentally pressed delete to some photo.


Now recently a guy managed to restore over his data from his iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6+ 16Gb but was running out of space.

Firstly, he backed up all his photos into his PC and deleted all of the photos in his camera roll.


Secondly, he then selected the “Recently Deleted” folder in the Photos app, click on “Select” at the top right of the screen and then press “Delete All” at the bottom left to clear up all of the space.

Thirdly, now his camera roll should show zero photos.


Fourthly, select Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > Photos & Camera

The Photo Library should show 0 data usage.

In this case, there was a bug where the Photo Library still showed 3.1Gb of space used.

The cause of this is highly likely there is a photo cache on the iPhone and both the menu items and iTunes can’t access it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 1.41.01 AM

After searching through the web for 2 days, I finally found an app called iFunBox which enables you to access the directories in your iPhone and using this app, I was able to remove all the photos from the cache and free up the space I needed.

When I finished deleting all of the photos in the cache, the iPhone then showed that the Photo Library is now 0Gb. Good thing about this solution is that iFunBox is still free as compared to some other apps which I paid for and it still didn’t work (apps such as PhoneClean).

Why this happens I have absolutely no idea but I can probably guess that after years of restoring and setting up your new iPhone may have created this situation.

Mark’s Foodie: Capitol Nasi Dagang, Damansara Utama


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to try out Nasi Dagang at Capitol Restaurant in Damansara Uptown together with my in-laws on a Sunday afternoon. Normally I try to avoid the Uptown area thanks to it’s very limited parking area but since it was a Sunday, parking was extremely easy.


Eating here was simple, menus are simple to decipher and easy to choose and of course there isn’t much selection when it comes to food because let’s face it, when you are good at something, focus on that.

I guess I did what every first timer would do and ordered Nasi Dagang. Even choosing Nasi Dagang, I could choose from a mixture of curry chicken, beef rendang and curried squid. I decided with the combination of beef rendang and squid, and boy, did I choose correctly!



When the food arrived (which was very fast), I dug right in and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. The mixture of sambal, curries and rendang was mind blowing and the tenderness of the beef in the rendang was just out of this world. Most of the time whenever I order food, I tried to avoid the beef rendang because most experiences I had was that the beef was overcooked and chewing it would be too taxing.

Honestly, I would definitely return back there again for their beef rendang. Perhaps I should pair it together with the curry chicken instead.

For those of you who are in the PJ area, you should definitely try this place out!

The shop is open from the morning till 5pm in the evening.

Address: Capital Nasi Dagang Kelantan, 29, Jalan SS 21/1a, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact: +6012-921 5200