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LiteIcon and Geeklet

As much as people like to say that I am an Apple fanboy, I don’t really have that many Apple products. Just only 4 iPads, 4 iPhones, a Macbook Pro 2008, a Mac Mini and a Macbook Air split among two of us, it isn’t really a lot. Ok, I may exaggerate at times. Anyway, lately I have been browsing through the Lowyat forums especially on the Apple Byte section and found a.. Read More

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment – It Works!

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment

After about 82,000km, the Diesel engine started to feel a little rough. This meant I could feel a little bit more vibrations then usual and because of the hydraulic steering on my E90 320d, I feel the vibration a lot more. Previously I had my car sent to a workshop to undergo this Liqui Moly Jetronic cleaning bit but that was when the car had only 40,000km to the clock and frankly, after.. Read More

The ASUS RT-AC68U Router


I was away over the weekend spending some time in Langkawi with the Integricity family and when I returned home on Sunday I noticed that my ASUS RT-N16 router was completely dead. First thing that came to my mind was to head over to 1Utama (which I was heading to anyway for some lunch) and pick up a router. A quick search on Google as well as remembering that I read a post.. Read More

My first TimeToAttack


Updated on 9th of May 2014: Added in the official results from ZeroToHundred Today would be two firsts for me, first time I am participating in ZeroToHundred’s TimeToAttack and me blogging using my iPhone 5. But of course the first one sounds a little more interesting. The day started off with registration and a car inspection. After that I headed over to our assigned pits and started unloading the car of my spare.. Read More

New Routine


So I experienced my first flat tire on my car after around 2.5 years of ownership. It was a rather interesting affair as I normally carry a spare tire around with me and the puncture occurred during the one time I didn’t carry my spare. Talk about bad luck. First of all, a friend loaned my tire repair kit which consisted of a manual jack and the tools to remove the rim. Thank.. Read More