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So I experienced my first flat tire on my car after around 2.5 years of ownership. It was a rather interesting affair as I normally carry a spare tire around with me and the puncture occurred during the one time I didn’t carry my spare. Talk about bad luck.

First of all, a friend loaned my tire repair kit which consisted of a manual jack and the tools to remove the rim. Thank goodness the lock nut was not stored together with that kit! But because of friends about, I managed to borrow a hydraulic jack (the ones you find at the tire repair shop) which made things very easy. Also I wanted to borrow the pressure gun to loosen up the nuts but they were all in use at the time.

The manual method was fine and within 5 minutes, I got the rim out and inspected the tire. There was an obvious hole in it and I thought I needed to patch it up. Richie was kind enough to drive me to Dengkil to patch up the tire with the risk that no tire shops were opened on a Sunday. Thankfully on the way out, I stopped by and asked CB and he gave me directions to a nearer tire shop.

Within 15 minutes we arrived at the shop and gotten the tire patched but alas, the hole was too big and the patch job which costs RM5 still had a slow leak. I knew I had to change tires anyway for the fronts so I didn’t really think much of it.

3 days after the whole incident, I just realised I had a tire sealant kit in my trunk. Talk about forgetfulness. That would have sealed up the tire without much issues!

And speaking of spare tires, I just started a new habit after my 2 week stint in Australia, that is trying to be a bit healthier. So I started going to the gym and gotten a personal trainer to torture me. It is now day 3 of the torture and I am completely worned out. My arms are completely weak and I have two more sessions this weak.

All this to remove my spare tire around my tummy. At the start of last week, the personal trainer weighed me and the results are…… appalling 111.7kg. I am definitely in the obese category with body fat at around 34% and muscle mass of 41%. My target, to hit 87-90kg by the end of June. So far it has worked out pretty well, I just weighed myself today and I was already at 107.3kg.

Let’s see how well it goes after the next two sessions. Hopefully I would have dipped below 100kg by the 27th of April where I will be participating in the TimeToAttack Event!

Having covered the event last year, I was drawn in by the atmosphere and fun of the event, so this time, I hope that I can have a bit more fun as a participant.



My New Lowepro Stealth Reporter D300 AW


I finally decided today on a very impulse to replace my existing Lowepro 200 shoulder bag with a new Lowepro Stealth Report D300 AW. After a while of not shooting weddings, I haven’t been using my ThinkTank and have started using my old shoulder bag which I normally take on trips or on shoots during my assignment.

My old Lowepro 200 served me well for around 5 years and I have grown to like it as my go-getter, the first bag I would choose to house my camera gears on a short shoot. But as of late, this bag has been getting a little small for my gears and it gets a little cramped up.

I normally fit in a DSLR body, 3 lenses and a flash into the bag.
I normally fit in a DSLR body, 3 lenses and a flash into the bag.

The problem with this bag was that I just couldn’t fit in my 70-200mm lens and if I were to squeeze it in, it wouldn’t be in a very efficient manner as each time I open the bag, I would have to make sure the 70-200mm lens wouldn’t fall off the bag.

So before I started searching for a new shoulder bag, I was honestly just walking along the streets in Sdyney when I chanced upon Ted’s Camera store. I entered the store with no purpose other than to just browse through the various gears to bring myself up to speed on whats the latest and greatest in the camera world (yes, I have been rather disconnected and yes, I didn’t know that Canon had a 6D).

Whilst I was deciding on whether I should get a Joby Gorillapod for travelling, I saw a large variety of bags on display and picked out the Lowepro Stealth Reporter D300 AW.

My_New_Lowepro_D300_AW_Stealthreporter-03The first thing I asked the store assistant was whether can I fit in the Canon 70-200mm F2.8 lens into the bag and unfortunately, the store didn’t have that particular lens in store for me to try it out. What I like about here in Australia is the extra service the store assistants offer. She went over and took a couple of long telephoto lenses to let me try putting them into the bag and when she brought the Canon 100-400mm lens and showed me that it fitted in nicely, I was almost immediately sold. She also then went on the mention that the 100-400mm lens was around 1cm shorter compared to the 70-200mm lens but it still had enough space in the D300 AW.


Honestly if the store assistant didn’t bother asking me how my day was or giving me all that help, I would have probably left the store without buying anything and headed to the nearest Crumpler store and getting a replacement there!

Of course the other features which I thought would be extremely useful is the ability to reach for lenses and gears without opening the flap of the bag! This meant better efficiency! Another feature that was missing in my old bag was the all-weather rain cover. A good feature to have especially when I was caught in the rain during a couple of outdoor shoots.

Old bag versus new bag in terms of size
Old bag versus new bag in terms of size

Finally the only downside I can find is that the bag is larger in size but again the D300 is indeed a model size larger compared to the Nova 200. I did see the D200 AW on sale but it couldn’t fit a long telephoto lens hence I decided against it.

When I use it for my next assignment on the 6th of April, I will probably write a review on the bag.

p.s. Apologies for the quality of the images here. I used my iPhone and had to process them all via the iPhone as I didn’t bring my Mac to edit the images. When I have the time at home, I will probably replace these images later. 

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