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Cutting down on sugar, using my Nespresso Machine

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I am currently into my 2nd week of a diet plan (90 days of agonising discipline) and before the plan, I took a medical check up and found that my sugar levels were on the high side. Based on my report, my glucose level is 5.8 compared to the standard range of 3.9 to 5.5. The doctor said I needed to cut down on my sugar intake and I was really thinking what.. Read More

Happy Merdeka Malaysia!


Every year as we approach the end of August, we are reminded of so many things. The great things we have in our country and how we have gone through the years. Let us look again at Tunku Abdul Rahman‘s speech below to remind ourselves on what the building blocks of our nation were and how the people have worked so hard to obtain our independence. Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Your Highnesses,.. Read More

BMW 320d Modifications – Part 3


After completing both guides on how you can modify your 320d, here is part 3 and the final bit of the modification guide. The previous two guides are catered toward those who want to maintain their cars as a daily driven machine and at the same time tackle the winding roads. This guide is for those who want to get the most out of their diesel machine here in Malaysia (diesel cars aren’t.. Read More

Manga Reviews – Cooking Related Manga

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I sort of gained a love for reading manga back in my uni days when I was typically bored and whilst I was waiting for anime episodes to be released on a weekly basis, I lost my patience to actually watch anime and found out that the storylines in manga were a lot faster and I could read a whole lot of them within a short period of time. With that I started.. Read More

LiteIcon and Geeklet

As much as people like to say that I am an Apple fanboy, I don’t really have that many Apple products. Just only 4 iPads, 4 iPhones, a Macbook Pro 2008, a Mac Mini and a Macbook Air split among two of us, it isn’t really a lot. Ok, I may exaggerate at times. Anyway, lately I have been browsing through the Lowyat forums especially on the Apple Byte section and found a.. Read More