What seems to be the problem here?

Working in the IT line and trying to streamline processes so that things are efficient and works well definitely makes me wonder how companies like Streamyx survive! After reading many posts about bloggers not being able to access their Gmail accounts, I thought I would try to check if there was any press release statement from Streamyx about their international link.

Of course there was none. The first thing I did was key in the URL, http://www.streamyx.com and was greeted by a very unprofessional looking website which I can swear, college kids could design nicer looking websites (and it works better!). You can see that the images used on the page (especially the *.GIF type) were badly compressed as if they used MS Paint to do compression.

Next would be figuring out how to navigate through to their press releases or perhaps announcements. Like a poorly maintained or planned out website, navigating through this webpage is completely crappy. I clicked on “Corporate Information” because it highlighted “Latest News” when my mouse went over the image and was again greeted by the same style and layout of the page with hardly any information on it.

Simple coding flaws show that the button images at the top of the page didn’t seem to have any spacing in between and the fonts on the buttons were already touching the borders. Very lazy work to be frank but the good side of this is that the same problem appears on all their pages, “Customer Service” and “Online Services“.

Going back to the Corporate Information page, I couldn’t find any button or tab which states latest news (inconsistent message portrayed on front page) but there was a “Newsroom” section which I clicked. No news about failing connections to the US or other countries. Seems that everything is peachy keen for them at the moment.

Then I spied on a news headline which states,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Now this is pretty interesting as I always thought that backup services would be a handy thing in mind and since my PC is running most of the time, a constant upload of my backups would be pretty good to have. So I read the news and to be given with two links to decide upon.

To quote the news article:

For more information on e-Storage, visit http://storage.netmyne.com. For more information on TM’s Internet products and services, log on to www.tm.net.my.

I clicked on the first link only to be greeted by a login page which didn’t provide me any information nor did it have any links which might bring me to a site to advertise their services. Mind you,  in this day and age, if you don’t put any details up to entice your customers, it is as if they want to say they have the service but don’t want you to sign up.

I then proceed to click on the 2nd link only to be brought back to the main page of TM’s website with no apparent news about the eStorage crap they were announcing.  After clicking around the website for another 20 minutes only to not find any sort of visible link or advert in the website, I proceeded to write this post in my blog.

Why? Because I feel that such a huge corporation like TM would definitely need to buck up on their service levels and think a little further than publish 10 year old “homemade” coroporate webpages when a 12 year old kid can actually publish a successful website such as this.

This just makes me sick and dissapointed.

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