Sometime back…..

Sometime back I attended a workshop teaching us the basics of studio lighting which includes setting up lights, positioning them, talking about the various filters as well as getting the right camera settings. I definitely learned a lot there and I did manage to write a small post about the event here.

Well, here are more photos which I shot at the event as well as the link to my Flickr set.

Learning to take shots with the light positioned at the side. The light was filtered with a softbox creating a larger light source so that it doesn’t become too harsh and create harsh shadows.

Dealing with the light position directly facing the model. Not easy as a direct lighting can create a very flat image, hence the need to have a little side or back lighting.

While the model takes a break, we have one of the workshops participant become the model. I think everyone was rather “kiasu” as they wanted to continue shooting even when there was a break given. I had my fair share of being the model as well.

And here is the result, not too flattering eh? But oh well, at least I helped them in a way practice on their shooting. I changed the image to black and white and asked them to position the light at the side to create a “fierce” or “strong” look. Doesn’t work too well with the ladies though.

Finally, after a long hard morning/afternoon session, it was time for a break.

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