Video games for the elderly

Its really ironic that parents would want to curb their kids from playing too much video games while on the other hand you get newspaper reports saying that parents should encourage their parents to have a go at these games. Well, the report did mention that the elderly should try the new Playstation 3 (well not that new) by Sony but in my mind, I guess the best one would be the Nintendo Wii.

Why the Wii? Because it has been proven that you really do sweat it out playing with it and it definitely encourages more hand and body movements, giving life back to that body of yours. In fact, after watching that episode of South Park and World of Warcraft video, playing PC games makes you fat, fill your face with pimples and getting you to ask your mum to hold the poopie bin behind you.

Since that is the case, perhaps I should cut down on the whole PC gaming front which I am having cravings to start it up again. Well I guess this is all due to the fact that I need to train for my upcoming company LAN games tournament again this year (with hopes to get some sort of prize).  Hence the need to pick up Dota again and wondering what the new heroes actually do!

Anyhow, the weekend was great with a small exception that I fell sick and was practically down with a fever most of the weekend but I still managed to pack in a little Dota practice, taking photos for a review and taking portrait shots of the church staff. Sounds productive but I was half asleep when Liverpool beat Everton on Saturday night.

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