Burning Out

Yes thats right, I am burning, literally that is. I was stuck under the sun for the past couple of weekends and I have gotten rather tanned. The first occasion was when I went for my first round of golf on the green at UPM. Being the complete newbie or n00b, I went there without getting anything prepared. Yes, that means no water, no cap, no extra change of clothes and worse of all, no sunblock. But it was cool, because the sun was just blazing hot and I endured all of that through the 18 holes.

Many years ago I always had this thought that I would never enjoyed the game golf. When the opportunity arose whereby my friends started to pick up the sport and went for lessons, I have to frankly say that at times I was rather reluctant because I thought it was rather boring just swinging your club at 100+ balls at the range. It was until I set foot on the UPM golf course and hit my first ball right 5 metres in front of me did I only realise that the competitive spirit in me wanted to do better.

To cut the long story short, I am eager to play my next round of golf next weekend at UPM again and this time I can’t wait to get to the range to practice some of my shots and get used to my new set of golf clubs. Yes, thats right! Unlike the others who basically inherited most of their sets from their parents who plays golf, I had to invest some hard earned cash into the sport which makes me want to make sure that I make full use of my investments.

Another interesting fact was that I got sunburned again in Lumut. This time I stole some sunblock (SPF 30) but after spending the entire Saturday morning under the sun playing funny games, I could see patches of my skin which I missed applying sunblock on. There was a very nice looking golf course at Damai Laut as well and that was where my company’s golf tournament was held. Of course being overly enthusiastic, I was chatting with one of the senior managers about golf and mentioned to him that I will be participating next year! That means I definitely have to brush up and improve my game within the next 12 months!

Thats right, I have to head back to the driving range again to practice on my swing and get used to my new clubs. Can’t wait for that once I get back from Singapore!

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