Off to Lumut

Yes I will be off to Lumut for my annual company trip. Initially I wanted to bring my camera and participate in the photography competition but after an hour of packing up all the stuff I need to bring, I decided against it. Why, you might ask. Well I have to carry Yin Sern’s guitar there including 3 effects pedal as well as my work laptop to participate in my company’s annual DOTA tournament as well. So with already 3 bags to manage, an additional 4th bag will be too cumbersome and I am not driving there.

In about 4 hours time, I should be awake and ready to head to Amcorp mall in order to board the bus. But frankly, I should be sleeping all the way there since its already 2am and I still wide awake! Alright, before I doze off, I should be catching an episode of the latest Top Gear!

See you all next week!

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