Twenty Twelve, what its like so far

It is almost the end of the first quarter in 2012 and this year seems to be looking fairly interesting. One of them mainly is that I will be renovating my house and I have been trying to figure out how to budget and juggle the budget so that I don’t blow everything away. I have already received the 1st quotation on the heavy work that needs to be done and it really didn’t leave me much to work with in terms of my initial budget.

I thank God for my mum and her slew of various contractors that I can leverage off otherwise things might just be too costly. Heck, it was an adventure driving deep into Klang just looking at a timber factory there to negotiate a good deal for some hardwood merbau flooring. Thanks to more recommendation, I have a few more leads on floor tiles and then I can start focusing on kitchen fittings and toilet fittings.

Diablo III has been slated for a launch sometime this year, although it might get a lot of people very excited about it, I kind of lost interest in the game. Heck, I even started to lose interest of Starcraft II even though I have been waiting for more than a year before their so called “expansion” would be released. If they keep on delaying all of their games, I really might just completely lose interest in it.

Also last weekend was the first time I played at the golf course for 2012. Decided to head back to the UPM golf course (University Pertanian Malaysia) since all of us haven’t played golf in a long while. Thankfully there wasn’t a crowd there on Sunday and we managed to play at our own pace. That game also marked my first use of my new R9 driver which I managed to “steal” last year. Definitely not an easy driver to use thanks to its super steep head angle. But if you hit a good shot with it, the ball just flies. Speaking of flying balls, I think I lost about 9 balls that day. Thanks to super long grass, huge ponds by the fairway and of course the dead dried leaves which litters the fairway (yes, fairway and not the rough!). Hope to play better in our next game.

The Volkswagen Club managed to pass 2500 members in the forum which I think was an awesome milestone. I guess with the launch of more VW models as well as the upcoming CKD Passat at lower prices, I can definitely foresee more and more Malaysians buying into the brand. Of course there were the usual rumour mills and reports that Proton was going to rebadge the VW Polo. I think it would be a good strategy for Proton as well as VW but DRB HICOM has already denied that so there goes that theory.

There hasn’t really been any new TV series, I am still waiting for Game of Thrones Season 2 to start and I think the only TV Series which I am actually really following is How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family and of course, Spartacus: Vengeance.

In terms of movies, I definitely can’t wait for the Avengers. Other than that, there really isn’t any other movie that I am looking forward to. Not too sure why but maybe perhaps there hasn’t been any real hype for other movies.

Apple has released their new iPad, seems like a good upgrade for me since my iPad 1 is really suffering in terms of speed and I can hardly watch any HD movies on it thanks to its slow processor. This time around, I shall get the 64Gb non 3G version as I really hardly require the 3G data.

In the tech world, it’s definitely tough especially if you are the CEO of HP and have to answer questions by shareholders such as, “Why HP isn’t like Apple?“. Definitely a high reach for even a giant like HP to achieve but it all takes is a visionary within the firm to push things through. Focus on the key business driver and be fantastic with it. Anyway I am just ranting away.

More to come in 2012!

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