I am still alive!

Yes, this blog is still not dead yet. Why? That’s because I am alive and have been a little busy. Busy with work, busy with interviews (conducting them), busy with more work, busy with renovation plans, busy with Munz’s new business (I’ll talk more about that later) and have been sick lately. Perhaps I haven’t been drinking enough water.

In pops an email, automated as it seems, I was just about to trash it when I skimmed through the contents and decided that hey, it was something interesting. It was the newsletter for the upcoming KL Marathon and I am really contemplating running the 10km run. That means it would definitely force me to start training up for the run due in June. This might just be the push I need to lose some much needed weight. So much so that my nickname amongst the VW club members is now “Touareg“.

So what else has kept me busy? Well I started my renovation plans already and am still trying to finalize some of the layout and design ideas with my ID. The hardest thing I must say is trying to stick within budget and I haven’t even included in the furnishings and fittings! Why must it be so difficult! Also the target to move in is about mid year so yeah, that’s gonna be tight deadline to meet.

I mentioned Munz’s new business earlier and I am proud to present “Milestones.my“. Milestones is basically her entrée into the wedding planning business and last weekend was her first customer’s wedding which was held in Ipoh. So practically my entire weekend was spent in Ipoh helping her out. Do check out her website ok? Especially those of you who are thinking about getting married 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t had much time to shoot and recently Canon also released their 5D Mk3. On paper the specs show a lot of improvement. But until I try it out with my own hands and test shoot it especially with the F1.2 lenses, then only will I consider that camera. Otherwise I would be more than happy to stick with my Canon 5D Mk2. I really want to take more photos of cars but finding a free weekend would be quite tough!

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