Temptation Comes Around Again

Apple recently released their new Operating System, Leopard, a new and spanking look with features which would definitely pour extremely ice water over Vista’s so called eye-candies. After using Vista for the past couple of months, it is clear that Leopard is the winner hands down. We can always rely on Apple to come up with something so cool and funky!

With all of that comes temptation, should I get a MacBook Pro or not? Of course I wouldn’t like to spend all that unnecessary cash as I would rather get a couple of lenses instead for my camera rather than waste the cash on another laptop. Perhaps I need to stay away from all that poison on the world wide web 😉

On the other hand, I got a call from munZ last night while I was out waiting for my LowePro Computrekker (I was buying it secondhand from a nice chap) when she told me that my picture appeared in the Star under the Metro section on page 23. It was a picture taken during the Ted Baker opening at the Pavillion and of course Vincent’s picture was there as well. Unfortunately the web version of that article only has 1 picture which is rather surprising as I would expect that they would put more photos on the web as it would be cheaper then.

This weekend will be another photography blitz starting on Friday where I will be covering my department’s community day for the whole entire afternoon till evening, the Terry Fox run on Sunday morning together with Lensa Malaysia and Sunday evening for the XYZ FCS Concert featuring Juwita Suwito. I definitely need my battery packs by then, hopefully it should have arrived today or tomorrow from Shashinki.

This means that I would definitely need to get plenty of sleep and rest before the weekend. There are other events (ASUS photography competition at The Curve) as well which at first sounded interesting but later thought that I needed my Saturday to be a rest day. At least this will allow me to catch up on some post processing which I have been putting back as well as catch up on my studying (see books below).

Well this definitely shows that I am a Photoshop noob hence the need for me to do a little self studying and learning the features and techniques especially in the area of post processing. Let the learning begin!

After a month, maybe I might be able to achieve this!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG-25nNlEkY&rel=1&w=425&h=355]

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