Terry Fox Run

Alright, it starts at 9am later today and here I am trying to fall asleep. The point is that I am supposed to get ready and be there by 7am later before the briefing for the official photographers. This is going to be a huge thing for me as I do shoot events but this is my first public one. I really do hope my photos turned out right.

More photos to come after the event but of course I would need to complete all of them first for the organizers in about 3 days time. Definitely easy to post process them so fast but I got so many events to cover (one last Friday, two tomorrow at the Terry Fox Run and the LOUD concert at night).For all of those running later today at the Terry Fox Run, do smile at me at the extended route as I will be covering that section. I better bring loads of water as well, unless you are going to give me some 🙂

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