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After two long weekends I have an extreme backlog of photos to post process. Which means I need to be a bit more disciplined with my team and set aside time to post process them which is something I don’t really look forward to as I suck horribly at the post processing part. I haven’t completed my books yet so I definitely need to split my time between that and the post processing. And by backlog, I have about 2000+ photos to sort out, choose and then process them.

The only good side I can see from this is that it is making me more cautious about my on-camera shots as I try to shoot now in JPEG meaning I would have to make sure that I get all the settings right on-camera rather than tweak them in Lightroom. I have been shooting in JPEG over the weekend and I noticed that there were many challenges especially shooting indoor shots with my current equipment.

Anyway, just to poison you all with a little bit of news, there are some reviews of the new Nikon D300 and Nikon D3 over here as well as high ISO shots from the Nikon D3 here. Finally, some good noise performance at high ISO as compared to some of the ISO 1600 shots I took last night. Oh, I am going to dread all of the noise in my shots!

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  1. Post processing takes a lot of time, even more than the actual event itself! As tedious as it sounds, I enjoy doing it cause I know that I can get more out of my photos that way. But if you get it right on shoot, it will help reduce the amount of time you take post processing it. Have u tried shooting in RAW? It's an excellent format.

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